I grew up in New Zealand where I spent much of my childhood building huts in the bush-clad hills of the Waitakere Ranges, painting colour compositions and sketching people. My Dad was a huge influence creatively and artistically – he being a self-made architect and artist.

After school, I spent a year traveling Europe. I pavement painted and drew portraits on the streets in London, France and Italy to fund my travels and to save for my next adventure through Central America. After several months traveling from Texas to Costa Rica, I returned to London and found myself working with the artist Nick Bashall as an apprentice. For one year I learned to paint and draw in his founded school Lavender Hill Studios.

I then applied to the Rhode Island School of Design where I completed my BFA alongside a five-year degree in architecture (B.Arch) in 2015.

With a passion for tramping and painting, I am about to embark on a 4-5 month walk across the length of New Zealand (Te Araroa trail) where I will paint one landscape each day. Exhibition in Auckland to come.