15km, 7 hours

There’s a race on. Unknown to us, an ultra marathon over our exact route from Lake Wanaka to Arrowtown started at 6am today. Fortunately, by the time we arrive the runners are long gone, as is the anxiety of seeing pack-less athletes move at 3x your rate.

Instead, we are in the bikers race. Different route later on but the same start. Wave after wave kick up dust as we begin the morning.

The trail from Wanaka to Arrowtown crosses the 17,000 hectare and 7,900 hectare Motatapu Station and Soho Station respectively. Both are owned by country music singer Shania Twain, who was required as an overseas buyer of such a large track of land to build three new huts and put trails in for trampers. They are nice huts, particularly the Highland Creek Hut, where we stop for the day.


Day 99 – Highland Creek Hut to Macetown

Day 96 & 97 – Wanaka “Rest”