One canyon abseiled, 20km walked

It’s a couple of fun rest days in Wanaka. Rest days as in making little forward trail progress, but not entirely loafing around.

Our first day is canyoning just under Mt. Aspiring, which looks a lot like the Matterhorn, and is still covered in glaciers after a hot summer. We ford a deep river, tramp past some cows, bush-bash through the forest on a non-trail and then spend the rest of the day in a valley full of boulders and waterfalls. Pretty much what we do everyday. Except we paid for this one (and it was worth it). I guess we must really like what we’re doing.

The next rest day is a long lake walk, you know to make sure the tread on our shoes is good and ready for the walk tomorrow.

Wanaka is the most complex of the big lakes in New Zealand, fed by multiple rivers, with lots of islands, peninsulas and mountains to be explored. This is my favorite, livable part of the South Island. And the fruit here in Otago is amazing.



Day 98 – Glendhu Bay to Highland Creek Hut

Day 96 – Pakituhi Hut to Wanaka