13km, 3 hours; 36km, 8 hours

Since we rented a bach in Colac Bay for two nights, we walk the first day to Riverton, along a long beach, then hitch back. Being a bit worried about our ability to hitch hike out of such a small place the next morning, when the owner stops by, I joke that it would be great to use the Vespa moped I found in his back shed. He thinks it’s a great idea, and has been wondering how to get it back to his place in Riverton since making a one-way visit to the pub some weeks ago.

The next morning, we moped to Riveton. It’s raining out, and we’re wearing our packs. It’s also the first time I’ve ever driven a motorcycle/moped. Seriously. We wore helmets and there were no incidents, so I’d say it was quite successful overall. Possibly slow…I wasn’t confident enough to go more than about 50km/hr (30 mph).

The rest of the day is a long beach walk into Invercargill. This is the beach where the “Worlds Fastest Indian” tested his motorcycle. It’s long and flat.

Tomorrow is our last day. We walk an extra hour outside Invercargill to make tomorrow’s 34km turn into a more manageable 29km. One more day and this journey is over.