27km, 7 hours

Sunrise is spectacular from up here. We can see all of Invercargill, Bluff and The Caitlans region wake up, twinkling lights fading in the morning light. Instead of leaving early, as we often do, we relish it. It will be our last time on top of a mountain on this voyage: today we hike down to the ocean for the first time in over two months.


 Longwood is wet, damp, dreary actually. The trail follows what is described in our trail notes as an old “water race” used during gold mining days. That sounded sort of exciting, relative to a forest of only leaves. I expected water wheels and an elevated wooden sluice. It was a ditch. An old ditch, and an an overgrown trail. At least the ocean is near.

We arrive at Colac Bay where we rented a bach for the night. A “bach” (pronounced like “batch”) is a small beach cottage. This one is done up in 1950s chrome and colors and done well as everything is in pristine condition. It’s quite a departure from last night where we had to boil our bog water even after filtering.