20km, 7 hours

Fever dream. We wake up, self rescued from last nights near hypothermia. It’s a cold day out today: 14c for a high (57F), but right now it’s about 5c (41F). And damp. We stay huddled in the tent until it warms just a little.

The rest of the day is delirium. I’m sick and all I want is a rest day, bed, movies & soup. Possibly also my mom. She makes cinnamon toast when I’m sick. Or she did 20 years ago.

None of this is possible. It’s either a days walk back out, or two days forward. You can’t really choose your rest days, though we seriously contemplate staying the day in a tent.

I don’t really remember much of the day. It was green, mossy, muddy, slippery. Terribly slow going. Each kilometer was hours in my head. There was sunlight midday, and it was glorious. Then I fell back into a waking trance.


An evening fire brings enough coherence to write these words. But I should be sleeping.