13km, 4 hours

Another day, another 500m climb to start the morning. This one leads over the mountain from the ghost town of Macetown to Arrowtown, which survived the gold rush crash.

Arrowtown is charming…almost like a little Vermont village in New England. It’s full of old stone buildings, planted with maple trees, and has a Main Street the likes of which I’ve not seen in New Zealand. And it has good croissants.

It’s a wonderful place to spend our 100th day on the trail. 40 days and 40 nights, Moses had it easy and his brother (Aaron) has bested that number by quite a bit.

Day 101 is rest day: white water rafting some good class 4 rapids. In Queenstown, we’ll take a real rest day that hopefully doesn’t end with sore muscles the next day.

Day 102-104 – Arrowtown to Queenstown

Day 99 – Highland Creek Hut to Macetown