15.5km, 5 hours

It’s a relaxed day that begins in the rain. The forecast had called for heavy rains both today and tomorrow, heavy enough we almost considered traveling away from the mountains until it passed.

But when dawn came, the rain was light to non existent. We waited, thinking the downpour would start at any moment. But it did not. So we had no excuses. Back to the hills!

It did rain on us of course, but a light, pleasant rain, almost a mist when in the forest and only felt in the exposed highlands.

An easy walk takes us past a historic hut, bare ground, built more than half a century ago. The construction is just small trees posted into the ground, cross beams knot he’d roughly with an axe, and a roll of tin siding to sort-of weather proof it. I could build that! Maybe I should in my backyard.

We pass it for a modern hut. All the other hikers we’ve seen for the past month must be on the same rest schedule. Everyone is there, along with a fire to dry wet clothes. By evening, the sun is shining.


Day 83 – Hamilton Hut to Lake Coleridge & the Rakaia Braided River

Day 80 & 81 – Goat Pass Hut to Arthur’s Pass HQ